Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Last Time

Well, here we are. The last day of the Minnesota Fringe Festival. And it is also the last day for RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak. 

I've been extremely honored to be the spokesmayor for such a happy, loving, wacky show. And what has made it even more special is all the love in the hearts of the audience. We live in a wonderful place and it has been a dream come to true to celebrate that place with the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

Hope to see you at our final show at 7pm tonight at the New Century Theatre. Make sure you arrive early, because we're expecting a big crowd. And there is no late seating.

Thank you to R(eally) T(all) Rybak and Thank you Minneapolis. Mayors maybe not be forever, but at least we know that cities are.

Let's all hug and high-five later,

-R(eally) T(iny) Rybak

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The mayor has arrvied

Wowie-zowie! What a fun time we have been having with RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak! Audiences have been loveing the show, the press has been complimenting the show and best of all the real mayor came to the show!

It was wonderful. We took pictures and hugged and high-fived! And that was just with the audience! We also did those things with our mayor. (I am not posting pictures because I am being mindful of spoilers for those of you who haven't seen the show yet! But I can say, there were so many versions of the Mayor in New Century Theatre!

Tonight is our show #3 of our five show run. Tonight, the show is at 8:30pm our next show will be Friday at 4pm (don't worry it will be done by 5pm so you can go to happy hour!)

Reserve your ticket here! Looking forward to seeing you!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Show is Open!

If you see me around, as me about my show!
Woo! The Minnesota Fringe is off and running! (just like the mayoral race, am I right?)

RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak opened on Thursday night to one of the most beautiful audiences in Minnesota.
Thanks to all who came out to celebrate the city!

The audience and press have said some very nice things about the show! Tomorrow, Sunday August 4th, we have our second show at 2:30pm. Which means you will have plenty of time to have a delicious brunch, see the show and then enjoy the rest of the day!

I'll try not to post any spoilers for those of you still to attend the show! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

-R(eally) T(iny) Rybak

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Get to New Century Theatre by R(eally) T(iny) Rybak

"This is the greatest love story you will see today, unless you were at city hall in the early hours of this morning, then this show is a close second!"
-Naomi Beck, Stage Manager for RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak

Well, today is the day. And yes, it is a very big day! For everyone. And I mean everyone right. Ok, you get it.

Also today is opening day for the RT show! And the also the 20th anniversary of the Minnesota Fringe.  SO MANY AWESOME THINGS ABOUT THIS DAY.

I am so excited. Check it out, I have my MN Fringe admission button. Do you have yours yet? If you don't you can get it at the box office at any of the shows. This button gets you into the festival and gives you so many discounts during the year on things. Plus, it's cool. 

I thought would give you a few tips on how to get to the New Century Theatre to see RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak.

New Century Theatre is a new venue for the Minnesota Fringe this year and I am honored to be in the theatre in the heart of the city that has the show that is about the heart of the city.

So New Century Theatre is inside city center on 6th and Hennepin in downtown Minneapolis.

There are many ways to get to New Century Theatre. One of my favorite ways is to take a NiceRide bike. The light rail stops just one block away as well. And it's right on the bus line too. here to get yours!

And Metro transit has free ride passes for both weekends of the fringe, go to

You can certainly drive to New Century Theatre, there is very convenient parking in the City Center parking ramp. The City Center parking ramps is offering $5 parking when you show your fringe ticket!

Whatever way you take to get there, the fringe has NO LATE SEATING. So make sure you leave enough time to get to the theatre before the show starts. (Also, I just found out that folks from The Naked Grape will be at the New Century Theatre with free samples to those of legal drinking age from 4pm to 8pm, even more motivation to arrive with extra minutes!)

So let's get started, shall we?

There are a couple of entrances to City Center. 

This is the one that faces Hennepin.

And this one faces 6th st!

And can you guess? You are right, this one faces Nicollet Mall!

You are doing so well!.

If you parking in the parking ramps, just take the elevator or stairs down to the street level. You'll be right inside city center!

Once you've entered City Center, you might see a sign like this.

(This sign faces the Nicollet Mall entrance)

 Or a hallway like this.

(This was taken from the Hennepin Ave entrance)

This means you doing great! Just keeps heading straight down the hall!

There's an Office Depot also inside this building. In case you need some paper clips or dry erase markers before or after the show. (This comment was not sponsored by Office Depot, just my own appriciation for office supplies.)

If you keep walking down the hall, you will find the New Century Theatre! Hooray! You did it! Wonderful job!

Looking forward to seeing you at the show! Let's high five and take our picture together!

Happy August 1st everyone!

-R(eally) T(iny) Rybak

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The biggest eve of them all.

Can you see me? That's OK these two are holding hands.

Wow! It’s July 31st

Any we’ve been waiting a long time for tomorrow haven’t we?

I am extremely honored that the luck of the fringe scheduling and the minds and hearts of Minnesotans have aligned to have this show about love and celebration of Minneapolis open the very day marriage is available to all people in this state.

It’s like the perfect storm. And by storm, I mean, perfect union of all the awesome things. 

Congratulations to everyone celebrating tomorrow! The real mayor will be officiating weddings at City Hall starting at 1am, and if you are ready for some more love come on over to the New Century Theatre for our 8:30pm opening show of RT+MPLS: The Legend ofR.T. Rybak. Proceeds from this show will be donated to the MPLS STEP-UP program, because one of the happiest way to celebrate a city is to give back to it!

Love. There never can be too much.

Congratulations Minnesota!

-R(eally) T(iny) Rybak

Thursday, July 25, 2013

One week from today!

Even though the show opens one week from today. I need to take a seat and relax.

I've had a pretty busy week spokesmayoring for RT+MPLS: The Legend of R.T. Rybak at the Minnesota Fringe Festival.

First, I want to help answer the most common question about the show. Yes, you can reserve tickets in advance! This link right here will take you there. And remember there is no late seating, so give yourself some extra time to enjoy the delights of the city center before the show!

And secondly! I had the pleasure of attending the Fringe-for-All #2 at the U of M Rarig Center. What's a Fringe-for-all? The fringe for all is an evening of 30 three minute previews of 30 different fringe shows. And guess what? My show was one of them!

Here's a bit of our preview, it's a mini-commercial for the show!

Did you see all the Mayors? I bet this is the fringe show with the most mayors.

But, the evening wasn't all about applause and laughter for me. I had work to do, I had to check out the other shows that will be playing at the fringe.

 I liked this show, Hello Stranger, because it's about meeting new people. And I love people! And there's an apple on the postcard and that is a healthy snack!

This show also caught my painted on eye because it is called The Education of Murray Sanderson. I am a great fan of education! Plus, I am the same size as the people on this card!


These are just a small sample of all the shows I want to see at the Minnesota Fringe! Hope to see you there!

 Fringe is a great place to meet people! Everyone is so nice. Here I met Samantha Veldhouse! She was really friendly.

Maybe I can take a photo with you next!

Mayor out!
-R(eally) T(iny) Rybak

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Here I am on the cover! Photo by Dylan Thomas!
Did you hear the news? Or more like did you read the news?

Me, R(eally) T(iny) Rybak is on the cover of the Southwest Journal and The Journal! I knew someday I would be discovered.

But did you see they called me a doll? I like to think of myself more like an action figure. But I guess doll and action figures really are the same thing. Either way, I am a cover mayor!

Hope you've reserved tickets for the show here.  Maybe you can get a photo with me, R(eally) T(iny) Rybak after the show! Plus, proceeds from the show will benefit the Mpls Step-Up program! What a great everything!

See you soon!

R(eally) T(iny) Rybak.

Now I have to get back to checking out the perfect shade of teal.